External Evaluation - Annual Civitas Studies

Gary Marx at the Center for Public Outreach has annually evaluated the quantitative and qualitative impact of the Civitas International Programs at one or more U.S. and international sites. By analyzing program data and conducting on-site observations and interviews, Marx has examined the impact of civic education programs on students, teachers, schools, communities, and educational leaders. The evaluations are also an opportunity to examine program implementation - discussing lessons learned and seeking areas of improvement. 
External On-Site Evaluation: Romania (2011)

The 2011 evaluation focused on civic education programs in Romania organized by the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara, which collaborates in a Civitas International Programs partnership with the Florida Law Related Education Association. A special highlight of the programs evaluated was pilot implementation of Project Citizen on Roma Issues, an adaptation of the Project Citizen program focusing on issues that arise in Roma communities. Summary. Appendix C: Showcase: Project Citizen Devoted to Roma Issues.

External On-Site Evaluation: Ireland-Jordan-Colombia-Idaho Partnership (2010)
In 2010, Gary Marx evaluated Civitas programs in Ireland, Jordan, Colombia, and Idaho. In addition to work in their localities, the organizations at these sites form a partnership that exchanges expertise through joint activities and technical support. Themes of the partners’ work include: a human rights approach to civic education, utilization of educational technology in civic education, and civic education for reconciliation in areas of conflict.  Executive Summary.  
External On-Site Evaluation: Peru-Florida Partnership (2009)

Gary Marx observed the Civitas program in Peru in April 2009. In Lima and in Cajamarca, he met with students, principals, parents, and community leaders at five schools. The evaluator visited the mayor’s office in Independencia, a Lima suburb; a teacher training institution, Instituto Superior Pedagogica “Paulo Freire”; a rescue center, El Centro de Asistencia Para Las Madres y Personas Que Sufren Violencia; the Peruvian Ministry of Education; the U.S. Embassy; and the staff of Instituto Peruano de Educación en Derecho Humanos y La Paz, the Civitas partner organization in Peru. Executive Summary. 

Programmatic Evaluation of Civitas, 2004-2005

For the 2004-2005 grant cycle of the Civitas: An International Civic Education Exchange Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Gary Marx conducted a program evaluation that included all sites involved in the program. Evaluation Report.


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