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Four We the People Teachers to Be Honored as the ALA Teachers of the Year Awards, Center President Featured in Governing, New Podcast Available Now from the Ashbrook Center, and More in This Month's Newsletter.

Four We the People Teachers to Be Honored in American Lawyers Alliance Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony

ALA Teachers of the year

The American Lawyers Alliance recently announced the four winners of their Teacher of the Year awards who will be honored in a virtual ceremony on August 11. This year's four awardees have all participated in the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution program at the local or national level, or both.

Kelley Brown of East Hampton High School, Trish Everett of Pine Crest High School, and Suzanne Kammerman of Staples High School will receive the 2021 Law-Related Teachers of the Year awards. A fourth awardee, Albert Paulsson of West Windsor-Plainsboro High School, will be awarded the Lillian B. Jarvis Teacher of the Year award, a new award made at the bequest of an ALA member on her passing for teachers in Title I schools.

The ALA will hold the virtual Teacher of the Year award ceremony on August 11, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. CT. If you'd like to attend the virtual ceremony, use this Zoom link to join.

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Governing with Christpher Riano

Governing Features Center President on How Civic Education Can Counter Threats to Democracy

Center for Civic Education President Christopher R. Riano was recently featured in Governing discussing how greater access to civic education can help counter threats to our democracy. In the interview, Riano shares that "it's critical that people see civic and constitutional education from both a historical perspective and an engagement perspective. Our constitutional democracy expects active participation, and that doesn't end at the ballot box. It doesn't end in the jury room. It's an everyday call."

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Project Citizen Showcase in Bosnia

We the People Alumnus Andrew Landeen Shares How Experience Supports His Career Success

During his senior year at Fishers High School, Andrew Landeen participated in We the People. The experience prepared him to be a better student, employee, and citizen. But that competition was not the end of his journey with civic education. Continue reading to learn about how We the People has helped him in his current job as a research fellow creating civic and social studies content for Certell.

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Quick Quiz! What document did the newly independent states start on May 14, 1787, and eventually complete on September 16, 1787?

A. The Articles of Confederation.
B. The Treaty of 1787.
C. The Constitution of the United States.
D. The Virginia Plan.

Read on to learn the answer!

Summer PCRP Professional Development

Partners Host Summer PCRP Professional Development Events

This summer, our partners will host five regional professional development events as part of the Project Citizen Research Program. With the help of our extensive Project Citizen coordinator network and Center staff, regional coordinators have recruited dozens of teachers throughout the country to participate in these professional development events.

The events will feature guest lecturers who will touch on topics of government and policy and mentor teachers who will support participants in learning how to implement our Project Citizen curriculum. During these events, participants will have the opportunity to network with fellow teachers. Stay tuned for more updates on these events through our social media pages and the newsletter.

 American History and Civics Academies

The American History and Civics Academies Kick Off Fantastic First Sessions

This year's American History and Civics Academies are off to a great start! High school students and teachers from throughout the country logged in to listen to eminent scholars covering such topics as the philosophical foundations of the Constitution and the causes of the Civil War. We at the Center look forward to interacting with the participants in the weeks to come!

60-Second Civics Podcast

Listen to the 60-Second Civics Podcast: Where Civic Education Only Takes a Minute!

Did you know the Center hosts its very own podcast? 60-Second Civics is a daily podcast that provides a quick and convenient way for listeners to learn about our nation's government, the Constitution, and our history. Each episode is accompanied by a Daily Civics Quiz, which makes a great warmup activity for history, civics, and government classrooms.

Recent series have featured Center President Christopher R. Riano for LGBTQ+ Pride Week and Justice Paula Nakayama of the Hawai's Supreme Court. Our current series focuses on fundamental American ideals, values, and principles derived from the Declaration and Constitution.

The podcast is available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other popular streaming platforms.

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Ashbrook Center Introduces New Podcast: The American Idea

The Ashbrook Center introduced a new podcast, The American Idea, hosted by Ashbrook's Executive Director Jeff Sikkenga on June 30. According to the Ashbrook Center's announcement, the podcast explores "our country's Founding principles and the way they have shaped American history and government." Sikkenga shared that "listeners will get to learn about some of the most important thinkers, statesmen, events, and documents throughout our country's great history from some of its best scholars."

Guests on the podcast include Dr. Lucas Morel (Washington and Lee University), Dr. Jason Stevens (Ashbrook Center), Dr. Natalie Taylor (Skidmore College), and Dr. Greg McBrayer (Ashland University).

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Quiz Answer!

C. The Constitution of the United States. (see episode 4378)

For more quizzes and learning opportunities, check out the 60-Second Civics podcast and daily civics quiz!


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