July 2019 Newsletter

News from the Center for Civic Education

Presidential and Congressional Academies Being Held in Baltimore, New Funding for Project Citizen, Two New Textbooks Available for Preview, and More in This Month's Newsletter.

Presidential and Congressional Academies Being Held in Baltimore July 7-20

Students and teachers from across the nation are currently attending the Presidential and Congressional Academies for American History & Civics at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Project Citizen Research Program to Reach Hundreds of Students and Teachers

The Center has received a grant for the Project Citizen Research Program. The three-year grant will engage teachers from across the country in professional development and will measure the effects of the professional development on them and on their students, just as the James Madison Legacy Project did with We the People teachers and students.

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Preview Our New Textbooks Online!

Our two new textbooks, We the People: The Citizen & Democracy (grades 3-5) We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution, Level 1 (grades 4-6) are now available as a two-week online preview. To set up your preview, first create a free account at https://learn.civiced.org/. Then email Valerie Milianni at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to indicate the email address you used to sign up for Learn.civiced.org.

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Senators Sponsor USA Civics Act to Promote Civic Education

The newly proposed USA Civics Act by Senator Chris Coons (D-Delaware) and Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) is legislation to update an American history and civics grant program under the Higher Education Act. The act has been endorsed by Charles N. Quigley, the Center's executive director.

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Nevada Supports Civic Education with SB193

SB193 appropriates funds for the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement to support the continuation of the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution program for elementary, middle, and high school students. Thank you to all the supporters who testified to the Nevada Senate Committee on Finance on their love for We the People!

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60-Second Civics Podcast Celebrates Ten Years

Happy tenth anniversary to our very own 60-Second Civics podcast! With a total of 3,650 episodes, a culmination of 219,000 minutes (minimum!), we have covered topics that range from the origins of the Constitution to present-day issues and events. Thank you for joining us for daily episodes and the Daily Civics Quiz for ten whole years!

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Watch Margaret Stimmann Branson Present We the People to Former Chief Justice Warren Burger

In this video from 1986, Center for Civic Education Associate Director Margaret Stimmann Branson addresses former Chief Justice of the United States Warren E. Burger, chairman of the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, and other members of the commission. Dr. Branson spoke about the newly created We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution program, begun by the Center for Civic Education in 1986, which eventually reached more than 30 million students and 75,000 educators throughout the United States. Dr. Branson passed away earlier this year, and she is dearly missed by her colleagues at the Center, who remember her tireless efforts to educate young people about the fundamental principles of American representative democracy.


5 Tips for Teaching We the People on Actively Learn

The reliable civic education lessons and curriculum of the We the People program now appear as e-books for middle and high school classes on the Actively Learn platform. The level one book for elementary students will also arrive at Actively Learn in spring 2020. All three e-books offer interactive tools for teachers and students, such as translation of text, highlighting and note taking, and manageable classroom accounts, that are adaptable for every classroom's needs.

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Nevada Center for Civic Engagement Receives Substantial Grant from Gannett

The Gannett Foundation has awarded $50,000 to the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement as part of its "A Community Thrives" program. With this funding, the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement will be able to continue in its mission to increase civic engagement in the state's communities, and it will give 800 youth from 34 high schools the support to participate in the We the People program and its competitions.

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Quick Quiz! By 2050, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts that

A. the population will be about the same.
B. the population will increase primarily due to immigration.
C. Americans will not live as long.
D. the U.S. will be less racially diverse.

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Sandra Stotsky Releases New Book, The Roots of Low Achievement

Author and academic Sandra Stotsky writes in her new book, The Roots of Low Achievement: Where to Begin Altering Them, about the ways in which public education has become dysfunctional and proposes some solutions. One way, she suggests, is to fund K-12 civic education programs "that restore students' understanding of who they are as individuals in this country's civic culture."

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Teaching American History Hosts Free Professional Development Webinar Series

Teaching American History is hosting two free webinar series this year: Documents in Detail and American Minds. Scholars will engage in sixty-minute conversations and take questions from the online audience in real time. Both will offer teacher professional development certificates to complement teachers' participation in riveting academic discussion.

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Quiz Answer!

B. the population will increase primarily due to immigration.

For more quizzes and learning opportunities, check out the 60-Second Civics podcast and daily civics quiz!

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