Celebrate (and Educate) for Black History Month

Join the Center for Civic Education in celebrating Black History Month this year with daily podcasts and videos from 60-Second Civics, as well as lesson plans teaching the story of the Civil Rights Movement and the power of nonviolent action to effect change.

60-Second Civics Podcasts: Black History Month Series

60-Second Civics, the Center's acclaimed podcast, offers a rich collection of 28 different videos dedicated to the African American experience, with a special focus on the expansion of civil rights since the nation’s founding era and the confrontation of modern challenges to full equality.

Lesson Plans on the Power of Nonviolence

“The Power of Nonviolence” is the theme of six free lesson plans for middle and high school students devoted to the study of the use of nonviolence in the civil rights movement. Students will learn about the Children's March of 1963, the costs and benefits of nonviolence, and more.

Civics Inquiry: Has Dr. King's Dream Been Fulfilled?

While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is arguably the most well-known figure of the civil rights movement, many do not fully comprehend his impact on the lives of Americans. Teaching about Dr. King is essential for students to understand the struggle for civil rights that continues even today.

Other Lesson Plans Worth Exploring

For grades 7-12. Students have the opportunity to discuss how words have the power to bring about change in society by reviewing quotations from leaders, activists, and others.
Middle school students are introduced to one of the most important parts of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution: the equal protection clause.
For high school students. Focusing on movements that use the Declaration and the Fourteenth Amendment to effect political and social change in the United States.

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