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Date Recorded: October 24, 2023

Policy and Government Advocacy

Get ready to equip your students with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective advocates for policy change. In this session, we will dive deep into understanding the role of government in addressing community issues and how students can actively influence these decision-making processes.
We'll start by unraveling the complex web of government offices and their responsibilities, providing you with a clear roadmap to navigate the bureaucratic landscape. As educators, we'll explore our crucial role in building relationships with stakeholders and community leaders, ensuring that civics becomes a shared effort between teachers and external influencers.
Your passion for civic engagement will be infectious, and we'll discuss effective ways to communicate what your class is accomplishing to parents, school administrators, and the community. While some states restrict students from engaging directly with government officials, we'll explore the impactful avenues available for student involvement with school leaders and other ways of addressing public issues within the public sphere.
See the Key Takeaways
  • Gain insights into understanding the role of government in addressing community issues and navigating the responsibilities of various government offices.
  • Equipping students with essential skills through research on stakeholders related to their chosen community issues.
  • Understanding proper procedures for approaching stakeholders, ensuring students are well-prepared to engage with them effectively in their advocacy efforts.
  • Discover how to build meaningful relationships with stakeholders and community leaders, making civics a truly shared effort.

Professional Development

The Center has offered high-quality educator professional development for decades. Today, we provide such opportunities through our partners in several states in addition to organized Center events, self-paced online courses, and special webinars.

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