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Date Recorded: Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Developing Action Plans

This session will explore creating action plans that bridge your students' passion for change with practical, achievable steps. During our time together, we'll guide you on how to assist your students in crafting clear and well-structured action plans that seamlessly align with the objectives of Project Citizen. We've made it easy for you with worksheets provided in the text to facilitate this process. We'll also emphasize the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the action-planning phase. Encouraging students to work together effectively and harness their diverse skills and perspectives can significantly enhance the quality and impact of their projects.
As we explore action planning, we'll also demonstrate how to integrate student reflection into the process. This crucial step enables students to evaluate and adjust their strategies, fostering continuous improvement continuously. Additionally, we'll showcase models of strong action plans at different levels of stakeholder engagement, providing practical examples for inspiration. Join us in empowering your students to transform their ideas into concrete, positive change within their communities.
See the Key Takeaways
  • Learn how to guide your students in creating clear and structured action plans that translate their passion for change into achievable steps, with the help of provided worksheets.
  • Review the importance of setting measurable goals, defining specific tasks, and establishing realistic timelines.
  • Discover how to integrate student reflection into the action-planning process, enabling them to continuously evaluate and adjust their strategies.
  • Gain insights by examining action plan models that engage different stakeholder levels.

Professional Development

The Center has offered high-quality educator professional development for decades. Today, we provide such opportunities through our partners in several states in addition to organized Center events, self-paced online courses, and special webinars.

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