Educating for American Democracy Roadmap and Crosswalks for We the People

The Center for Civic Education is pleased to offer educators an Educating for American Democracy (EAD) Roadmap crosswalk and pedagogy companion aligned to all three levels of We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution. 

The EAD Roadmap is an inquiry-based content framework for excellence in civic and history education for all learners that is organized by major themes and questions and supported by key concepts. The Center’s crosswalk aligns We the People units, lessons, and other Center resources to the EAD’s major civic and history themes, driving questions, and design challenges. We the People teachers interested in examining how their teaching supports this exciting inquiry framework can use the crosswalk to see the robust connections and design inquiry-based instruction using We the People. 

The pedagogy companion to the EAD Roadmap is intended to support implementation of an inquiry-based content framework developed for the EAD initiative. The slideshow shares how We the People instruction, assessment, and curriculum align to six civics and history teaching best practices in the companion. This resource is meant to be a starting point for We the People coordinators to explore the connections between a We the People classroom and the EAD classroom. The connections articulated in the slideshow are examples and starting points, but not at all comprehensive or exhaustive. We the People teachers, mentors, and coordinators are invited to use the slideshow as a resource and customize it to fit their audiences.


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