Civic Participation: Democratic Norms, Part 2

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Episode Description:
Civic participation undergirds American democracy. In fact, it is what makes American democracy thrive. Listen to Dr. Meena Bose explain this important democratic norm in this episode.

Civic Participation: Democratic Norms, Part 2

60-Second Civics, Episode 4563: March 8, 2022

Civic Participation: Democratic Norms, Part 2

Welcome to 60-Second Civics, the daily podcast of the Center for Civic Education. I’m Mark Gage.

We are joined today once again by Meena Bose, the Peter S. Kalikow Chair in Presidential Studies and Executive Dean for Public Policy and Public Service Programs at Hofstra University.

Professor Bose, tell us about the democratic norm of civic participation.

Civic participation undergirds American democracy and indeed is what makes American democracy thrive. 

We expect that the American public has a responsibility to be engaged in politics, whether nationally, at the state level, or locally. 

We have elected officials to govern on our behalf, but we expect them to be responsive to our interests and, indeed, be guided by public concerns and interests.

Thank you so much Dr. Bose.

That’s all for today’s podcast. 

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