Women During the Revolutionary War: Women’s History Month, Part 8

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Episode Description:
Women served the American cause in many ways during the Revolutionary War, even as combatants.

Women During the Revolutionary War: Women’s History Month, Part 8



During the American Revolutionary War, women served both on the home front and in the front lines.


Women made bullets and clothing for American soldiers.


They served in the soldiers' camps, as so-called "camp followers," cooking, mending clothing, and tending the wounded, among many other tasks, even venturing to the front lines to provide water to thirsty soldiers.


Because women were not allowed to serve in the Continental Army, some, such as Deborah Sampson, disguised themselves as men.


Others, such as Sarah Bradlee Fulton, served as messengers or spies.


Many others served as nurses and were paid for their work.


One woman would go down in history and legend as Molly Pitcher, but her real name was Mary Ludwick Hays.


When Mary Hays's husband was injured in the Battle of Monmouth, Hays took over for him at his cannon.


For her service to the American Revolution, Hays received a yearly pension from the state of Pennsylvania.


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