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Friday, December 15
Daily civics quiz

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Who has the power to negotiate treaties with another country?

a. Senate
b. House of Representatives
c. President
d. Vice president

About the Podcast: 60-Second Civics is a daily podcast that provides a quick and convenient way for listeners to learn about our nation’s government, the Constitution, and our history. The podcast explores themes related to civics and government, the constitutional issues behind the headlines, and the people and ideas that formed our nation’s history and government.

60-Second Civics is produced by the Center for Civic Education. The show's content is primarily derived from the Center’s education for democracy curricula, including We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution, Foundations of Democracy, and Elements of Democracy.

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60-Second Civics: Episode 3099, The President Shares Power with Congress
Learn about shared powers in the national government.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3098, The Powers of the Executive Branch
Learn about the executive branch.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3097, Checks on the Lawmaking Powers of Congress
Learn about checks and balances.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3096, Limits on the Power of Congress
Learn about the limits and powers of Congress.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3095, General Powers of Congress
Learn about enumerated powers given to Congress.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3094, Enumerated Powers
Learn about powers granted to the national government.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3093, Describing the Powers of Congress
Learn about the language used in the Constitution.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3092, The Problem With General Language in the Constitution
Learn about the debate over what powers to give Congress.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3091, A Strong Government, But Not Too Strong
Learn about the Framers' feelings on a strong national government.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3090, Weak Congress under the Articles of Confederation
Learn about the early legislative branch.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3089, Slavery Compromises Delayed Conflict
Learn about compromises allowing slavery to continue.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3088, Compromise on Tariffs and Slavery
Learn about compromises made on slavery.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3087, The Dilemma Over Slavery
Learn about the debate on slavery.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3086, Conflict Over Tariffs at the Philadelphia Convention
Learn about the different opinions on tariffs.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3085, Economic Differences Between the North and South
Learn about the economies of the North and the South.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3084, One Person, One Vote in State Legislatures
Learn about representation in the legislature.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3083, The Compromise That Passed by One Vote
Learn about the Great Compromise.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3082, The Great Compromise
Learn about the compromise between the small and large states.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3081, The New Jersey Plan
Learn about the New Jersey Plan.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3080, Controversy over the Virginia Plan
Learn about what people disagreed on regarding the Virginia Plan.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3079, The Virginia Plan
Learn about a proposed plan for government.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3078, The Conflict over Representation
Learn about conflicts over state representation in Congress.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3077, Basic Principles of the U.S. Constitution
Learn about the goals of the Philadelphia Convention.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3076, Secrecy at the Philadelphia Convention
Learn about the agreement to secrecy by the Framers.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3075, Gaining the Cooperation of Small States
Learn about the proceedings of the Philadelphia Convention.