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Civic Education: Laying the Groundwork for Democracy


Civic education—through which citizens learn how their country’s government works and how they can participate—manifests itself in many ways around the world and plays a key role in emerging democracies. Programs that foster civic education include voter education, neighborhood conflict-solving initiatives, and participation in city hall or local government institutions. The relationship between an informed, active citizenry and an accountable, transparent government is clear; civic education in schools and beyond teaches citizens how to vote, what their community needs are and what values it holds, and what the social compact between    Read more >

'Weakening sense' of citizenship fueling corruption in Ghana


Alex Mawusi Buadi, the Volta Regional Director of Education, has said the ills befalling the nation such as corruption and laziness, are the result of the weakening sense of citizenship. “The Ghanaian today is hyper-conscious of his or her rights but painfully dead to their responsibilities to the State,” he noted. Mr Buadi was opening the 5th Volta Region Project Citizen Ghana contest for Senior High Schools in Ho. Project Citizen Ghana is an interdisciplinary project by the National Commission for Civic Education with support from Hanns Seidel Foundation, and the European Union. It is aimed at helping students learn community    Read more >

Mfantsipim School Emerge Winners of Regional Ghanaian Project Citizen


Mfantsipim School emerged winners of this year's Central Region inter-schools Project Citizen Competition when it beat other schools in the event held in Cape Coast on Wednesday. By this feat, the School would be representing the Region at the national “Project Citizen-Ghana” competition later this year. Project Citizen-Ghana, a portfolio based on public policy and implementation learning process for students at the Senio High Schools (SHS) level was introduced some eight years ago by the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) It is aimed at empowering the youth through participation in democratic governance and helping them to    Read more >

Citizenship Education to Prevent School Violence


The Moroccan Center for Civic Education and its partners in Tunisia and Egypt launched a new project to address violence through school-based civic education    Read more >

Annette Pitts Travels to Educate on Civics Policies


Annette Pitts, the founding executive director of the Florida Law Related Education Association, is a prolific author and a visiting professor at numerous universities. Pitts worked with the Supreme Court of Florida to develop the Justice Teaching Institute for teachers as well as Benchmarks, a public education program targeting adults. As part of the Center for Civic Education's Civitas International Civic Education Exchange Programs, she served as administrator and lead consultant working with multinational NGO leaders and legislators to advance their civic policies, practices and education. "When I travel, I love to experience a different    Read more >

Marrakech to Host 2nd International Conference on Education for Democratic Citiz...


The Moroccan Center for Civic Education hosted the Second Annual International Conference on Education for Democratic Citizenship in Marrakech on February 4 through 8, 2015. The conference tackled aspects of education for democratic citizenship under the theme of “The Role of Youth in Promoting Global Citizenship Education: Challenges and Opportunities.” For more details, please check the conference website:    Read more >

Centre for Civic Education Pakistan Launches Nationwide Civic Education Advocacy...


On International Day of Democracy 2014 the Centre for Civic Education Pakistan, the Center's Civitas International Programs partner in Pakistan, launched a nationwide advocacy campaign for inclusion of democratic civic education in textbooks    Read more >

Pakistan’s Experience with Democracy


Zafarullah Khan, a prominent Pakistani civic education leader, cites three "myths" about Pakistani democracy: Myth 1 — the Presidential system is more suitable than the messy parliamentary architecture; Myth 2 — The Constitution does not address core critical issues and does not offer bread and butter assistance; and Myth 3 — The Peoples’ part of the Constitution – fundamental rights and the Principles of Policy (Article 8-40) – has never been implemented    Read more >

Youth Days Kick Off in Tangier


The Moroccan Center for Civic Education, the Center's Civitas International Programs partner in Morocco, organized a youth conference on political participation with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund    Read more >

Moroccan Center for Civic Education Hosts International Education for Democratic...


The Moroccan Center for Civic Education hosted "Educating Youth for Democratic Futures", an international conference on education for democratic citizenship, in Marrakech, Morocco on February 26 to March 1, 2014. Sponsors and participants included the Center for Civic Education, Maryville University of St. Louis, and other international partners. Article in French    Read more >

Project Citizen & The Politics of Play in Madagascar


"The kids in the classroom are more important than the president on the stage... Indeed as I write this the emergent President of Madagascar is leaving the city park just adjacent to my hotel complex, and oddly enough - I really really don't care. I say oddly enough, because my teaching responsibilities for University of Toliara include training future High School teachers in the internationally acclaimed civics curriculum Project Citizen. The best way to train teachers in Project Citizen is to have them experience it first hand. So this years training explores the connections between local educational policies and the rising science of play    Read more >

Project Citizen Ghana Makes Impact on Youth


Project Citizen Ghana, being implemented in schools by the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES) had made significant impact on the youth of the country    Read more >

Regional Project Citizen Competition in Ghana


TI Ahmadiyya Senior High School won this year’s Project Citizen competition among the five high schools in the Wa Municipality for students to showcase their understanding of social problems and present plans for their resolution. This was the fourth annual Project Citizen competition organized by the Ghanaian National Commission on Civic Education. Issues showcased included: the stigmatization of persons with disabilities in political appointment in the Upper West Region, the effect of communication on the health status of the deaf and dumb, high illiteracy rates among women in the region, challenges of women in community development, and    Read more >

Tavaana Provides E-Learning to Iran


The Center for Civic Education hosted Mariam Memarsadeghi and Akbar Atri, co-founders and co-directors of Tavaana: E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society and the E-Collaborative for Civic Education, at its office in Calabasas, California on September 12, 2013    Read more >

Bosnia and Herzegovina Project Citizen Finals


300 students from 32 schools across the country, winners of the regional competitions, presented their Project Citizen projects in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They represent 40,000 students who participated in Project Citizen in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013. The Honorable Patrick S. Moon, U. S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, joined the students at the Opening ceremony, which was organized by Civitas and hosted by the Director of European Union Integration and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Over the past 16 years more than 1,000,000 million students in Bosnia and Herzegovina have participated in CIVITAS's civic education    Read more >

Project Citizen Culminates with Philippine National Showcase


Teams of high school students are out to prove that Philippine youth, contrary to popular belief, are socially aware and politically engaged. Students representing the Pines City National High School (Baguio), Muntinlupa Science High School (NCR), Tinago National High School (Bicol), Davao City National High School (Davao), Tanauan School of Fisheries (Batangas), Regional Science High School of Region IX (Zamboanga), Tagbilaran City Science High School (Bohol), and Luisa Medel National High School (Bacolod) will compete for this year's Project Citizen National Showcase to be held on April 13, 2013 at the University of Makati campus from 9am    Read more >

National Commission on Civic Education Re-launches Project Citizen


The National Commission for Civic Education in Ghana is “re-launching” Project Citizen to increase public awareness and to formally inaugurate an Advisory Board. According to the Commission, Project Citizen fits perfectly into its mandate of equipping the youth to effectively participate in local and national governance, thereby strengthening Ghana’s constitutional democracy. Project Citizen is an adaptation from a United States model and has been implemented by the National Commission on Civic Education for the past 5 years    Read more >

Elarbi Imad Receives Honorary Doctorate


Elarbi Imad, Executive Director of the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, received an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa in June 2012    Read more >

Event highlights success of AFT's Civic Voices project


AFT News | May 10, 2012 - The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) showcased the outcomes of its Civic Voices project, which was developed in collaboration with the Civitas Eurasia and Civitas Russia partnerships of the Civitas International Programs network    Read more >

NCCE Evaluates Project Citizen In Ghana


Government of Ghana | April 3, 2012 - The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in collaboration with stakeholders, including students, at the weekend evaluated “Project Citizen” to inculcate effective citizenship in the Ghanaian youth    Read more >

Project Citizen Students in Ghana Address Illegal Mining


Ghana News Agency | October 13, 2011 - Project Citizen students in Ghana presented their proposal to allow small-scale miners to register their businesses locally. The students say that their proposal would reduce illegal mining. They explained their ideas at a regional Project Citizen showcase in Koforidua    Read more >

Moroccan delegation visits Eastwood High School


The Press | January 20, 2011 - Student Hannah Ward writes about a recent visit to the Pemberville, Ohio, school by a delegation from the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, a partner in the Center’s Civitas International Programs    Read more >


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