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The We the People program curriculum includes the textbook, a resource center, supplemental lesson plans and other
Center for Civic Education resources. The curriculum provides upper elementary, middle, and high school students
with a course of instruction on the history and principles of the United States constitutional democracy. Critical thinking
exercises, problem-solving activities, and cooperative-learning opportunities help develop intellectual and participatory
skills while increasing students’ understanding of government institutions and fostering attitudes that students need to
participate as effective, responsible citizens.

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Learn about the We the People program. Learn about the We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution textbooks. Learn about the Resource Center which offers students and teachers links to historic court cases, primary documents and other learning materials to help prepare for the simulated congressional hearing. Learn about the the Center for Civic Education's free supplemental lessons. Learn about other publications the Center for Civic Education. We offer a full array of materials including books on public policy, historical documents, and more!