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The professional development component of the program is what makes the
School Violence Prevention Program unique. Often referred to as “trainings”, what a teacher actually receives is intensive staff development. The goal is to lend support to the teacher both in substance and in pedagogy through the course of the program year.

The professional development sessions are designed to help teachers:

a. Integrate the three curricula
b. Fold that curricula into the already existing scope and sequence
c. Make connections between students’ behaviors and attitudes in class and the concept of violence prevention
d. Help identify all the applicable local and state standards
e. Prepare and conduct the required simulations
f. Explore and practice various classroom methodologies
g. Expand on the individual teachers’ content knowledge
h. Share experiences of the program (both positive and negative)
i. Work with a mentor whenever possible
j. Work with other teachers in the same school building involved in SVPDP