Foundations of Democracy Elementary Print E-mail
Each concept of the elementary-level series is featured in a separate text and culminates with an authentic performance assessment. Elementary classroom sets include 15 student books of each concept (60 books total) and one teacher's guide that provides materials to enrich classroom learning. Student books are packaged in four individual display boxes containing 15 copies of each concept. © 2009. Suggested for grades 3–5.

Classroom set: $360.00 each
(ISBN # 0-89818-158-S)

Student book:  $11.00 each, 10 or more: $10.00 each
  • Authority (ISBN 0-89818-158-5)
  • Responsibility (ISBN 0-89818-159-3)
  • Privacy (ISBN 0-89818-160-7)
  • Justice (ISBN 0-89818-161-5)
Teacher's guide: $16.00 each (ISBN 0-89818-162-3)