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Comparative Lessons for Democracy is a resource book for high school teachers developed as part of CIVITAS: An International Civic Education Exchange Program. The lessons actively engage students in comparative analyses of the emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe, including their histories and transitions. These unique materials were developed though collaboration of educators in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and the United States. They were edited by the Mershon Center at The Ohio State University who coordinated the project.

Comparative Lessons for Democracy offers exciting strategies and current materials for teaching about this complex and rapidly changing region of the world. The volume includes 35 lesson plans and resource materials intended for use in high school government, comparative government, world history or current affairs classes. In addition to detailed information about conducting the lesson, lesson plans contain copy-ready student handouts, background readings, and original essays from Central and Eastern European scholars.

More information including a sample lesson.

Comparative Lessons for Democracy
each (ISBN 0-89818-165-8)