Survey Reveals Americans Do Not Know Much About the Constitution, But Support Its Basic Ideas

CONTACT: Charles N. Quigley or John Hale, Center for Civic Education, 818-591-9321

LOS ANGELES — Today, the Center for Civic Education, in cooperation with Professor Diana Owen of Georgetown University, released the results of a Constitution Day survey that found that only 14 percent of Americans think they know a lot about the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

The survey indicated that although Americans might not be well informed about these documents, there is widespread agreement on many of the basic ideas they contain. This includes agreement about some of the basic purposes of government that transcends party affiliation, political ideology and demographics. Survey items include basic ideas in the documents without identifying their sources. For a more detailed summary of the survey and its methodology please click here.

 (Press Release) September 14, 2016