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Short Activities for Violence Prevention Week

Allentown, Pennsylvania third graders work on a short activity relating the concept of Privacy to violence prevention.
Trisha Van Wagner's sophomores use their Foundations of Democracy books to complete an activity on Justice.
Marie Nemes' students in Allentown, Pennsylvania act out a Privacy issue in a short skit.

Welcome to the second annual School Violence Prevention Week sponsored by the Center for Civic Education’s School Violence Prevention Program (SVPDP). Program teachers and students from around the country are spending time during this week to collectively look at the issues of violence, and the need for violence prevention. This year’s focus is on bullying and bullying prevention.

Each day of the week corresponds to one of the four concepts from the Foundations of Democracy Curriculum. On Friday the week will culminate with the unveiling of the Foundations of Democracy Mosaic. (For additional information on the Mosaic please see

            Monday                 Authority
            Tuesday                Responsibility
            Wednesday           Justice
            Thursday              Privacy
            Friday                   FOD Mosaic

The activities for this week are not limited to SVPDP participants. All are invited to participate. A review of each day’s activities will result in an opportunity to engage students in this very important issue. For SVPDP teachers references to specific lessons in each Foundation of Democracy concept is included.

During this same week S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violence Everywhere) is also sponsoring a violence prevention week. Check out their website for additional daily activities. (

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