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Wednesday, April 26
Daily civics quiz

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To be the president, a person must be a

a. natural-born citizen.
b. natural-born or naturalized citizen.
c. son or daughter of an American citizen.
d. green-card holder, naturalized citizen, or natural-born citizen.

About the Podcast: 60-Second Civics is a daily podcast that provides a quick and convenient way for listeners to learn about our nation’s government, the Constitution, and our history. The podcast explores themes related to civics and government, the constitutional issues behind the headlines, and the people and ideas that formed our nation’s history and government.

60-Second Civics is produced by the Center for Civic Education. The show's content is primarily derived from the Center’s education for democracy curricula, including We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution, Foundations of Democracy, and Elements of Democracy.

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60-Second Civics: Episode 2865, Citizenship and the Founders
One of the primary goals of Framers like James Madison was that Americans felt loyalty to the United States, not just their individual states.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2864, Citizenship in Early America
Americans originally thought of themselves as citizens only of their states, not of the United States as whole.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2863, Enlightened Self-Interest
What is enlightened self-interest? We'll find out on today's podcast.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2862, Alexis de Tocqueville
Today we learn how Alexis de Tocqueville thought Americans had reconciled self-interest with civic participation.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2861, Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's thoughts on the benefits of education for citizenship.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2860, Aristotle, Cicero, and Locke
Today we explore natural republicanism and natural rights philosophy.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2859, Civic Virtue and Self-Interest
The Founders stressed the importance of religion and education in reconciling the need for both civic virtue and self-interest.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2858, Natural Rights Philosophy and Citizenship
Today we explore how natural rights philosophy influenced America's Founders.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2857, Citizenship and the Common Good
Early on, Americans experienced their interdependence and their need to work for the common good.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2856, The Death Penalty
Today's podcast explores the death penalty in the United States.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2855, The Right to Appeal
If you are convicted of a crime, you have the right to appeal your conviction.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2854, Excessive Fines and Cruel and Unusual Punishments
Today we learn about the protections of the Eighth Amendment.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2853, Double Jeopardy
Today we explore a bedrock principle of American justice: double jeopardy.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2852, Jury Verdicts and Representation
In England, verdicts in criminal cases had to be unanimous. That changed when English law was adapted by Americans.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2851, Two Problems With Juries
Today we explore two problems with jury trials in the United States.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2850, Procedural Rights During Trial
What are your procedural rights during a criminal trial? Find out on today's episode.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2849, Speedy Public Trial
Why should trials be speedy or public? Find out on today's podcast.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2848, Trial by Media
Today, criminal defendants in high-profile cases face another sort of trial: trial by media.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2847, The Right to Counsel
Today, the podcast explores the right to counsel and why it is necessary in an adversary system.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2846, Bail
What is bail? What is its purpose? Find out on today's podcast.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2845, Indictment
Learn all about indictments on today's podcast.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2844, Plea Agreements
Plea agreements are more common than you might think.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2843, Protecting Rights Before Trial
The Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments protect people accused of crimes between arrest and trial.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2842, Federalism and Criminal Procedure
The majority of rights in the Bill of Rights focus on people accused of crime.
60-Second Civics: Episode 2841, Procedural Rights
Today we learn the fundamental premise of the American system of justice.