• We the People Available on Actively Learn

    activelylearn 2017We the People Available on Actively Learn
    The We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution Level 3 (high school) text is now available on Actively Learn, an interactive literacy platform. We the People on Actively Learn features multiple-choice and short essay exercises, videos, audio narration, custimizable page tools, built-in translation to multiple languages (including Spanish!), support for dyslexic learners, and more. Register for a free lesson today!

  • Chuck Quigley Writes on Freedom of Expression for The Washington Times

    WTshowcaseChuck Quigley Writes on Freedom of Expression for The Washington Times
    Charles Quigley, the Center's Executive Director, writes on the importance of teaching freedom of expression in The Washington Time's special The President and the Constitution section this month. "The burden of responsibility for the enlightening of our young people regarding the precious rights to freedom of expression they have inherited … lies with the dedicated teachers of our school systems."

  • Ask John Questions to Study for the State Finals!

    AskJohnShowcaseStudy for the State We the People Finals With John Kaminski
    The Ask John Project, sponsored by the Center for the Study of the American Constitution (CSAC) and the Center for Civic Education, is an eight-part video series in which Professor John Kaminski from the CSAC at the University of Wisconsin–Madison addresses questions submitted by We the People students as they prepare for their 2017–18 We the People state competitions this fall.BTN_LearnMore

  • We the People State Hearing Questions Available

    wtp statequestions_2015We the People State Hearing Questions AvailableThe 2017-18 state-level hearing questions are now available! The questions will be used in statewide high school We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution competitions held across the nation. Winners of the state competitions qualify to compete at the We the People National Finals.

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