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Project Citizen Program Overview
Learn how Project Citizen engages students around the globe in hands-on, project-based learning about public policymaking. Project Citizen is used in schools and by community-based organizations throughout the United States, its trust territories, and in more than seventy countries across the world.
What is Public Policy? 
Professor Larry Gerston describes key characteristics of public policy.
Project Citizen Documentary "The World We Want" (full-length documentary)
A new documentary film entitled The World We Want focuses on the inspiring stories of young people from around the world participating in the international civic education program Project Citizen.

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Public Policy in Action

Cottonwood Middle School Advocates for Homeless Support
Listen to Dylan represent Emily Conner's eighth-grade class at the Cottonwood School of Civics and Science at Portland City Hall on May 22, 2019. Dylan spoke about the Project Citizen students' request to provide mobile sanitation units for the city's homeless population.

Students Support Shelters for Male Domestic Abuse Victims
Project Citizen students from the Cottonwood School of Civics and Science in Portland, Oregon, took on the topic of the lack of shelters for men who have been abused. This video describes the Project Citizen process detail, including a culminating presentation to judges at the Oregon state capitol.

Wisconsin Students Win Award for Civic Service
These seventh-grade Project Citizen students from Lalitha Murali's class at Glen Hills Middle School placed first in the Wisconsin state competition. Their project, “Without Blight, Future is Bright,” sought to convert an old coffee shop into a youth center.
Missouri Project Citizen Students Take on Tobacco and Kids
This video produced by Youth Empowerment in Action describes the antitobacco efforts of three groups of Project Citizen students in Missouri. At Jennings High School students developed a portfolio explaining their case against the sale of loose cigarettes to minors. Project Citizen students at Scott County Central sought to reform the way the Missouri tobacco settlement is used. Students from Support a Child International addressed the need for enforcement of the law banning tobacco advertising withing 2,000 feet of schools and other places frequented by young people.

Hialeah Middle School presentation to Florida House of Representatives
On April 11, 2007, students from Jackie Vianas Project Citizen class at Hialeah Middle School in Hialeah, Florida, presented HB 811 to the Florida House of Representatives Safety & Security Council. The bill, sponsored by State Representative Rene Garcia, would reduce the maximum permissible blood alcohol level at which an ignition interlock device would allow vehicle to start. The following video of the students presentation was provided by WFSU-TV and The Florida Channel.
Alaska Students Ask for Expansion of Project Citizen in State
Students in Eagle River, Alaska, quickly recognized the value of Project Citizen and decided they wanted to influence public policy by asking lawmakers and school district officials to extend Project Citizen all eighth-graders in the state. Read the story from KTVA News:

Project Citizen Queens News Story
In an effort to learn about public policy, a group of fifth graders in Queens are taking a closer look at the accuracy of nutrition food labels.

Project Citizen in Stanislaus, California
The Stanislaus County Office of Education's em strong Making the Grade /em television series looks at civic education programming in this central California school district. This installment of the series, called Civic Mission of Schools, features We the People: Project Citizen, which teaches students to monitor and influence public policy. This video highlights the work of Empire Elementary School students who proposed ways to reduce and recycle lunchroom waste.

Project Citizen in Kentucky
Project Citizen in Kentucky.
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South Carolina Students Advocate Stiffer Penalties for Underage Drinking 
Students from Early College High School in Conway, South Carolina, address the problem of underage drinking.
Project Citizen / NCSL Summit

Ivy League Teacher on a Mission

Project Citizen teacher Michael Hanley describes his motivation to reach students at the Hmong American Peace Academy in Milwaukee through the Project Citizen curriculum. Hanley's students divided into three groups. The first researched gun-related violence, the second worked to create a statewide curriculum about cyberbullying, and the third developed an aquaponics gardening plan. They presented their portfolios at the Project Citizen state showcase.

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Project Citizen in the Philippines
Project Citizen in the Philippines
Project Citizen in Latin America
This video describes the steps of Project Citizen and relates its impact in Latin America through interviews with students, teachers, and civic education leaders.

Project Citizen promotes competent and responsible participation in local government. The program helps students and youth learn how to monitor and influence public policy. In the process, they develop support for democratic values and principles, tolerance, and an improved sense of political efficacy.
Project Citizen China
The Center for Civic Education led a delegation of participants from four countries to China recently to take part in the International Forum on Civic Education held in the cities of Changzhou and Nanjing in the Jiangsu province from October 26-29.


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