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Families in Schools is an organization that involves parents and communities in their children's education to achieve lifelong success. In partnership with the Center for Civic Education and with input from Project Citizen teachers, students and parents, Families in Schools developed the Project Citizen Parent Supplement to increase parental support for local Project Citizen programs.

The Project Citizen Parent Supplement is designed to help teachers and students invite parents and families to become a part of the Project Citizen team. Throughout the Supplement, the term "parent" is used to refer to parents, guardians, caregivers and significant adults in the participating student's family circle. Project Citizen participants often express pride and excitement as they discover the power they have to influence public policy in the communities where they live and teach. Often times, this excitement is carried over into the students' homelife. Project Citizen has the potential to become a catalyst for the awakening of many more individuals than just the classroom student participants. The purpose of this supplement is to increase community support for students and teachers as they develop their local Project Citizen program and to maximize the effect of the program in the community.

Project Citizen Parent Supplement (pdf)
Project Citizen Parent Supplement (word) 

The Supplement offers a variety of Activities and Tools – resources that can be applied or adapted easily to facilitate teacher/student efforts to engage families. The Tools are included with the related Activity throughout the binder. While all of the activities described in the supplement are highly recommended, teachers have the latitude to choose those that will work best, given different circumstances and time constraints.

Information in the the Supplement also includes how to recruit parents as volunteers, tips on volunteer training, and guidelines for volunteers.

For information on participating in Project Citizen through Families in Schools, please contact Kathleen Mooney, Director, Parent and Teacher Education at kmooney@familiesinschools.org or 213-484-2870.