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The Project Citizen Showcase is the culmination of an interactive civic education program designed to actively engage students in the civic life of their communities. District and state level showcases consist of evaluations of portfolios created by the students. Each portfolio presents a public policy issue on which the students choose to focus. The students explain why they feel that this particular issue is important and then examine various alternative policies to address the issue or solve the problem. The last panel of the portfolio explains how they would proceed in having the policy implemented.

Classes are also encouraged to hold a showcase hearing where each of the four working groups prepares and presents a statement on its section of the portfolio before evaluators acting as legislative or administrative committee members. Each group then answers questions posed by the evaluators. The evaluator reviews the hearing components using specific criteria.

Civic leaders and members of the community are encouraged to become involved in this event, and may serve as evaluators of student portfolios, or serve on a simulated hearing panel for the oral presentation component of the Project Citizen process.

To become involved in your state’s showcase, please contact your state coordinator.

Evaluator Showcase Guidelines

Evaluator Hearing Guidelines

Portfolio Evaluation Rating Sheet

Hearing Evaluation Rating Sheet