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Culminating Summer Institute

Event Date:
06/24/2018 to 06/27/2018

Culminating Professional Development Event - 2018
? A culminating Summer Institute will take place June 24-June 28, 2018 at James Madison's Montpelier. The Institute will be open to any member of Cohorts 1, 2, or 3 who completed all required elements of the James Madison Legacy Project.
? Members of Cohorts 1, 2, and 3 will need to apply to attend this event (acceptance will be on a first-come, first-served basis). 31 participant teachers will be selected to attend (9 each from WV, MD, and VA, 4 from DC). Each state will also be allowed to invite 1 mentor teacher.
? This Summer Institute (totaling 32 hours) is designed to allow participant teachers the opportunity to delve more deeply into the content of the We the People curriculum.
? All six units of the We the People curriculum will be addressed. Guest scholars will be invited to address the group for 2 hours per unit (totaling 12 hours of lecture).
? For each unit, participant teachers and mentors will present lesson plans (totaling 6-8 hours).
? Two sessions will address strategies, strengths, and weaknesses of the program, and brainstorm ideas on how each state can continue to support JMLP graduates in their work (2 hours).
? One session will focus on lessons learned and preparing students for simulated hearings (2 hours).
? Finally, the professional development will include 2 sessions each for: (1) the JMLP online course and (2) the Strengthening Democracy in America videos, integrated into the work of the mentors on the six units of WTP in addition to a stand-alone hour in which the resources (and how to access them) are introduced. (4 hours)
? Accepted participants will be encouraged to submit suggestions for other sessions so that we can provide information most useful to them (3-5 hours).
? Overnight lodging will be provided at Montpelier's Constitutional Village.

James Madison's Montpelier

Orange,VA 22960
United States

Emily Voss

Phone: 540-308-2063

By Application or Invitation Only