Lee Hamilton on Congress, Presidents, and American Politics

Mar 25, 2016 / Announcements
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When Lee H. Hamilton joined Congress in 1965 as a U.S. Representative from southern Indiana, he began writing commentaries for his constituents describing his experiences, impressions, and developing views of what was right and wrong in American politics. He continued to write regularly throughout his 34 years in office and up to the present.

Congress, Presidents, and American Politics is available from Indiana University Press.

Congress, Presidents, and American Politics is available from Indiana University Press.

Lively and full of his distinctive insights, Hamilton’s essays provide vivid accounts of national milestones over the past fifty years: from the protests of the Sixties, the Vietnam War, and the Great Society reforms, through the Watergate and Iran-Contra affairs, to the post-9/11 years as the vice chairman of the 9/11 commission.

Hamilton offers frank and sometimes surprising reflections on Congress, the presidency, and presidential character from Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama. He argues that there are valuable lessons to be learned from past years, when Congress worked better than it does now.

Charles N. Quigley, executive director of the Center for Civic Education, said, “This is a fascinating and enlightening insider’s view of the political process in Washington, D.C., over the past fifty years. Every teacher of civics and government can gain insights from this work that are not readily available elsewhere.”

Offering history, politics, and personal reflections all at once, this book will appeal to everyone interested in understanding America of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Order from Indiana University Press.

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