New Lessons Available for Constitution Day

Sep 09, 2015 / Constitution Day

New lessons for grades 4-5 and 9-12 are available for Constitution Day and Citizenship Week on the Center’s website. The upper elementary level lesson, “What Should the Representative Do?,” deals with the legislative process and how lawmakers can communicate with their constituents. The key element in the lesson is a simulated public hearing.

The high school lesson, “Citizenship and the U.S. Constitution,” asks students to explore the meaning of “citizen” in the context of a democratic society and explores the various ways citizenship is conferred in the United States.

The purpose of Constitution Day and Citizenship Week, which begins on September 17, is to honor and celebrate the privileges and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship for both native-born and naturalized citizens while commemorating the creation and signing of the Constitution. Federal law requires all schools that receive federal funds to hold an educational program for their students on September 17 of each year. The Center provides a wide selection of free elementary, middle, and high school lessons from its We the People, Foundations of Democracy, and other curricula on its Constitution Day website.

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