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Derechos Humanos 
Fundación Presencia, Colombia and Civitas International Programs partners throughout Latin America and the Caribbean collaborated to develop an original Spanish-language curricular resource and teacher training model on human rights content that enhances and supports Project Citizen implementation in Latin American countries.

For more information on this valuable resource, contact Fundación Presencia or visit the Derechos Humanos: Herramienta Pedagógica Para Su Enseñanza y Aplicación page on their website. To view some of the materials developed, click on the following links:

Manual De Proyecto Ciudadano y Derechos Humanos

PowerPoint: Proyecto Ciudando con Enfoque de Derechos Humanos 

A number of Civitas International Programs partners have developed civic education materials that incorporate lessons on universal human rights and provide a rights-based framework within which Project Citizen activities take place. Other oragnizations with human rights materials include the Idaho Human Rights Education Center and Co-operation Ireland's Civic-Link program.