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Many international partners have chosen to adapt curricular materials originally developed in the United States. The most widely adapted materials include the Center’s Project Citizen and Foundations of Democracy texts. Before international organizations can begin to adapt Center materials, they must first receive a licensing agreement from the Center for Civic Education. Through its licensing agreements, the Center gives nonexclusive rights to nonprofit organizations, departments of education, and others to reprint, translate, or adapt Center materials. Each license is for a specific language, format, and territory.

To begin the licensing process, interested organizations should send a written request to the Center stating the titles and the grade level of the material to be reprinted, translated, or adapted. Center staff will then follow up with the organization. Teacher's guides are an integral part of curricular materials. The Center requires that teacher’s guides are distributed with student texts unless alternate plans have been arranged with the Center.
In addition to acquiring a license, organizations adapting Center materials must submit all adaptations and translations to the Center for review and approval prior to publication. This procedure is necessary to ensure that the analytic framework of the curricular material is not altered. 

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